October 27, 2014

values | drawing f'14

In a few words: Keep the shadows simple, and play up the contours. 


October 21, 2014

mannequin | drawing f'14

The emphasis was on adding character. A dash of zest to the blind contours, brought the clothed mannequin to life. 



October 16, 2014

continuous line contours | life drawing f'14

Can you tell which of Max's sketches followed a lesson on contour? If you picked the one on the right - without the extra starch in the jeans and sweatshirt - you were correct. A relaxed grip on the pen helps, along with this good rule of thumb: Draw what you see, and not what your brain tries to recall.  

October 13, 2014

the first class in figure drawing | drawing f'14

"No art is any good unless you can feel how it's put together. By and large it's the eye, the hand and if it's any good, you feel the body. Most of the best stuff seems to be a complete gesture, the totality of the artist's body..."
-Frank Stella, artist

Sol's first drawing

Sol's one minute gesture drawing

Kenzie's first drawing

Kenzie's one minute gesture drawing

Rafi's first drawing

Rafi's one minute gesture drawing

October 09, 2014

the three-dimensional figure | life drawing f'14

Paula's first drawing impresses us with its character, but lacks a pair of feet. Once again these lowbrow appendages get ignored, mostly relegated to the wings, as the head and the torso takes center stage. Not so when Paula constructs a three-dimensional figure. The foot now emerges into the glare of the spotlight - and with a more commanding presence. Bravo!! 

Paula's drawing on the third day of class

September 28, 2014

gesture line | life drawing f'14

An Architect is trained in the more practical, and less sentimental, use of line. After some uninspired attempts, Augusto goes for a rhythmic - far sexier line - better suited to the curves and flexibility of the human body. 

September 21, 2014

Killer Heels at The Brooklyn Museum | drawing f'14

Stepping out of the classroom brought with it the opportunity to hone skills: From Fernando's rhythmic footing - after some awkward first steps; to Alexa's seductive skill with marker; to Max's delicate en pointe; and to Mai's Christian Louboutin chillin in the spotlight. Here students infused their lines with enough pulsating substance to please everyone - even those with a kinky shoe fetish.  











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