August 19, 2016

portraiture | SIS II '16

For her final project Mariya drew the eyes of her nephew. She learned to touch the paper with the side of her pencil as gently as she would touch his face.

July 16, 2016

figure drawing intensive | SIS II '16

Plenty was covered during the first week of class. By the third day, this is just a sampling of the drawings produced by my high school students. 




July 08, 2016

final project | drawing S'16

Yutong could easily draw a pretty face. Reminded of the dichotomy of a Creative Drawing assignment, her nine-page Manga, went on to contrast the theme of evil and beauty in one person. 

Sharmeen's sketches turned into a series of eleven site sculptures. Her interest in bacteria broadened, during a class discussion, with the intension to educate and excite children.

June 30, 2016

final projects | drawing S'16

Drawing people, animals, and the city:









May 31, 2016

final project | drawing S'16

As a graphic designer, this was an opportunity for the client to be yourself. With so much freedom, Moa was at a loss at where to begin. Looking for advice, she drew what brought her pleasure, and then turned her designs into a promotional piece. 

Lessons learned: Not to center everything. Ultimately, the client is buying your vision. 

May 16, 2016

final project | drawing S'16

Maria designed a party invitation for her mother and best friend - both vibrant personalities, who often dress alike. Attitude and glamour were mimicked in the loose-handed illustrations of Kenneth Paul Block. With marker, Maria moved onto tracing paper, and then experimented with gouache. When finalized in photoshop, their bubbly vibe went unchallenged among a flock of admirers. 

Lessons learned: Focus, simplicity, and incomplete contours.

April 26, 2016

clothed figure | life drawing S'16

Attention to both line and values are seen in these gesture drawings. With the same model, each student's distinct hand is clearly visible. 




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