July 01, 2015

quote for the start of a summer intensive

Henri Matisse, in an interview with Pierre Courthion, recounted a central aspect of his trips to Morocco, saying "at Tangier ... I worked, always pursuing the same goal, that's to say, basically, the search for myself through the probing of various motifs."    Jack Cowart, Matisse's Moroccan Sketchbooks and Drawings: Self-discovery through Various Motifs, from the book Matisse In Morocco, The Paintings & Drawings 1912-1913


June 23, 2015

wet on wet oil painting basics | SIS I Painting '15

Whether you begin with thin washes of color, or work directly on a white canvas, use no more than one or two brush strokes. Any more and you will be mixing colors on your canvas, and lowering their intensity. Stay conscious of what you are doing. If the temptation is there to blend, stand back and first count to ten. Keep a rag handy and wipe the excess paint off your brush. Good habits will keep your colors clean. 





June 10, 2015

the first week | SIS I Painting '15

The class begins with drawing. After a lesson on perspective, composition, and values, notice the difference in Jimin's drawing, from the morning to the afternoon session. Her composition fills the page, and by toning the paper she is better able to understand values.  


Oil painting starts with a similar process. A wash of color tones the canvas, and a rag, dipped in Gamsol, brings out the light, while paint straight from the tube is the darkest value.


Learning to mix colors, keeping them clean, not overworking the brush, and slathering on the paint - like butter - is a challenge for everyone. 


May 27, 2015

start of the new semester quote

"At Tangier... I worked, always purusing the same goal, that's to say, basically, the search for myself through the probing of various motifs." 

Henri Matisse, From the book Matisse In Morocco, The Paintings & Drawings 1912-1913

May 18, 2015

the final project | drawing s'15

Before these graphic designers experimented with gouache, colored pencil, or photoshop, the first step in their process was to draw. 





May 08, 2015

add color | drawing s'15

Experiment. Try acrylic paint, and wield the brush with bold strokes of color; combine marker, and collage, with watercolor, and let the paint bleed on the page; or in an unrestrained homage to the illustrator Ralph Steadman, splatter it! These are just a few invigorating additions to the sketchbooks this semester. 








April 30, 2015

values | life drawing s'15

"The light comes forward and the shadows recede." It's a mantra to repeat, when applying pressure to the shadows. Float the charcoal lightly over the page - later darkening in as needed. The pallid beauty of Mariel's self-portrait is graced with the intensity of a single eye. Thrust upward, Lu's self-portrait, drawn in pencil, captures the nuances of light on a mountainous landscape. I am in awe of their remarkable growth from the first to the last class. 


Mariel's first life drawing


Lu's first drawing
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