July 15, 2018

creative sketching assignment | SIS II '18

With no preconceived idea, students flung ink onto pages of their sketchbook, and later worked a drawing that utilized the splatters. 







July 08, 2018

start of the semester quote

"The dripping...well, if it happens, it happens; it does not take anything from the work. The dripping just proves that you were not trying to control the work, but the work was developing by itself and if it drips, it's a natural part in the evolution of the work." - Keith Haring

Student work

Student work

June 07, 2018

final projects | drawing S'18

An eclectic sampling of student work:

 Two of Deborah's designs for coffee cup holders

Galen's love of the sea

A page from Sarah's fashion portfolio

A shed on Mary Jane's property

Hazel's line drawings

Possible wedding menus for Cristina's sister

Annie's fabric design

Angie's self-portrait before the addition of color

May 06, 2018

architecture around NY | drawing S'18

Tonni at Jefferson Market Library

Mary Jane at First Presbyterian Church

Carly at Grand Central Terminal

April 29, 2018

different views | life drawing '18

A few basics when creating a focal point: 1) If it's a portrait, keep the clothing to a minimum. 2) Leave negative space around your center of interest. 3) Employ perspective to show depth. 





April 15, 2018

continuous line contours | life drawing S'18

I was sketching a man sitting across from me on the subway, when the woman to my left, pointed, and yelled for all to hear, "SHE'S DRAWING YOU!" I laugh, when retelling this scenario. I get their fear. Yes, the assignment can be embarrassing, and uncomfortable, but most often New Yorkers are too preoccupied to even notice. 




March 15, 2018

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