February 17, 2017


An assignment is often meant to drive the creative process. Whether when drawing from life, letting your mind wander, playing with a splatter of paint, or working out an idea, there is no better place than in a sketchbook. This week's assignment had me scouring through forgotten photos from years past. 

January 24, 2017

start of the semester quote | drawing f'16

"Drawing is a kind of hypnotism: one looks in such a way at the model, that he comes and takes a seat on the paper."  -Pablo Picasso

January 17, 2017

keep sketching | life drawing & drawing f'16

The sketchbook is a place to play, to practice the lessons, and to experiment with materials. The ultimate goal is to enjoy the process. 

Kayla D.




Kayla S. 

January 03, 2017

November 17, 2016

focus | life drawing f'16

When drawing two models, how do you maintain a focus?  

Notice how these two are fighting for our attention. When I pointed this out, Youmee did something that made a difference. 


November 03, 2016

the muscular figure | life drawing f'16

Use contour when it seems confusing....  


Circle any muscles that you recognize....


Add values, of light and shadow, to give definition...


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