February 23, 2018

in the process | drawing S'18

Shoes take on the persona of actors on a stage. Dialogue and lighting heightens the drama, while students learn the importance of focus, perspective, negative space, and even the proximity of the audience to their production. 




February 10, 2018

blocks | life drawing S'18

Drawing the figure three-dimensionally takes a shift in focus. Whereas contour lines can flatten the figure, blocks give a new understanding of volume, balance, and lighting.




January 17, 2018

start of the semester quote

Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.  

-Leonardo da Vinci

Student work

Student work

Student work

January 06, 2018

lessons learned | drawing f'17

1) Birds fly. Lines need to as well. 2) Negative space is as important as the focus. 3) Leave things out for the viewer to complete. 4) Perspective takes us on a journey.


 1) Shadows need to recede for the light to come forward. 2) If you want something to appear light, what is next to it should be darker. 3) Give more space around your center of interest. 


1) Show spirit. The lines are your voice. 3) Enjoy the process!


November 29, 2017

recommendation | drawing f'17

When sketching from life, a 5 x 8.25 inch Moleskine sketchbook is compact enough to fit into a pocket, and discreet enough, to avoid the unsolicited gaze and added pronouncement of any quintessential New Yorker. 

Hannah and Hiroko


 Juliana and Kayla

November 19, 2017

looking back

While watching a documentary that touches upon the country of Bhutan, I am reminded of Zimbiri, a student from my 2011 Drawing and Painting summer intensive. A search of the internet leads me to the following interview. My reward is seeing her develop past the final project.


November 09, 2017

Grand Central Terminal | drawing f'17

The scale is overwhelming: A football field of perpetual activity, with ornately crafted details, 75 foot windows, and a star-studded ceiling. The challenge is to stay focused. Find what attracts you. Begin with lines of perspective, and add details only where needed. 


Hiroko and Natalie


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