August 31, 2015

start of the semester quote

"It is often said that Leonardo (da Vinci) drew so well because he knew about things; it is truer to say that he knew about things because he drew so well." 
- Kenneth Clark, art historian, 1903-1983

August 20, 2015

portraiture | drawing: figure & meaning SIS II '15

Aline's versatility with methods and materials.

Graphite pencil
Self-portrait with markers and color pencils

Markers in sketchbook

August 11, 2015

some helpful pointers | drawing: figure and meaning SIS II '15

Each of Alyssa's drawings illustrate one or more lessons: What is the focus? Downplay the supporting character. Negative space is important. Look for large, simple shapes of light and shadow. Use the tip of the charcoal, or the tip of the brush, for a contour line. Avoid bringing attention to the edge of the paper. 

July 29, 2015

lines | drawing: figure & meaning SIS II '15

In Lexie's first drawing, she only uses a heavy contour, and then in a one-minute drawing, she does not know what to do. So the first lesson is to experiment, and become familiar with the charcoal. 

The side and the tip are addressed, and with enough practice her line variations become standard. 

By the last week of class, Lexie eases up on the pressure, and shows her sensitive touch. Here values are emphasized, and contour lines play a decidedly minor role. Even the model's hand, drawn at the bottom of the paper, is so light as to not distract from the focus. 

July 19, 2015

adding character | drawing: figure & meaning SIS II '15

When Rivala plays with marks on the paper, not only do her figures show her energy, by the second week, she imbues them with personality. 

First ten minute drawing
First one minute drawing

The first week of gesture drawing

The second week after lessons on clothing, portraiture, and composition


July 09, 2015

the first week | drawing: figure & meaning SIS II '15

Intensives are just that - intense! On Monday afternoon, Rama did a 10 minute drawing and then a one minute gesture. As you can see, she never had any life drawing. Instruction started on Tuesday morning, and by Thursday afternoon a figure study was going into her portfolio.

Rama's first gesture drawing
Rama's first drawing

A gesture drawing in ink

After a class on contour and then values

July 01, 2015

quote for the start of a summer intensive

Henri Matisse, in an interview with Pierre Courthion, recounted a central aspect of his trips to Morocco, saying "at Tangier ... I worked, always pursuing the same goal, that's to say, basically, the search for myself through the probing of various motifs."    Jack Cowart, Matisse's Moroccan Sketchbooks and Drawings: Self-discovery through Various Motifs, from the book Matisse In Morocco, The Paintings & Drawings 1912-1913

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