February 13, 2016

blocks in the figure | life drawing S'16

There are no straight lines in the figure. Yet reducing its form to simple geometric volumes brings a greater understanding of perspective. While students usually start with the upper body, even when doing a gesture drawing, beginning with the feet and the legs - which in this case are closest to the viewer - will highlight their grander scale.





February 08, 2016

gestures | life drawing S'16

The essence of a figure drawing is in that first line. Whether using the tip or the side of a piece of charcoal, or whether you press down or keep a light touch, think movement. Stand up. Show a command of the paper. Acknowledge the vitality that both defines and attracts us - and then interpret it. 



January 30, 2016

day one | life drawing S'16

The first step in life drawing is an awareness that the stick of charcoal, which you are gripping far too tightly, has both a point and a side to it. 

Kayla's first ten minute and then one minute drawing before the lesson.

Followed by a one minute gesture drawing 
that shows more attention to the line.

Spencer's first ten minute and one minute 
drawing before the lesson.

Followed by a beautiful one minute gesture drawing, using the side of the charcoal.

January 25, 2016

start of the semester quote

"Drawing is a kind of hypnotism: one looks in such a way at the model, that he comes and takes a seat on the paper." 

 - Pablo Picasso

January 20, 2016

final projects | drawing f'15

These are some of the more graphic projects, which highlight newly developed skills, with an array of interests, and passions.

Teige combined her appeal for vintage keys, 
with endangered animals.

Han designed a brochure for the Bowery Mission.

Henrietta addressed the African American woman's hairstyle.

Mariana illustrated some of the iconic buildings of New York City.

January 19, 2016

clothing | life drawing f'15

While Lindsey crops her drawings to show focus, Michelle includes the whole body to play up the movement of the garment. 





December 21, 2015

unplanned | life drawing f'15

Lindsey's self-portrait looks like a sculpture. Strong in values, the drawing is more captivating, because she chose not to add the garment. 


Iman learned, after numerous attempts, that a loose approach cannot be reproduced.


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