November 17, 2016

focus | life drawing f'16

When drawing two models, how do you maintain a focus?  

Notice how these two are fighting for our attention. When I pointed this out, Youmee did something that made a difference. 


November 03, 2016

the muscular figure | life drawing f'16

Use contour when it seems confusing....  


Circle any muscles that you recognize....


Add values, of light and shadow, to give definition...


October 16, 2016

Grand Central Terminal | drawing f'16

Sketching in this resplendent NYC landmark - glorious in scale, faithful to its classical roots, and abuzz with a daily rush of 750,000 visitors and commuters - is in one word: intimidating. 

With the natural tendency to zero in on the simplest thing - such as windows on the opposite wall - a lesson on perspective circumvents any interpretation of the world as flat. The concourse alone is 275 ft. long, 120 ft. wide, and 125 ft. high. 

Most importantly, one's own eye level (commonly referred to as the horizon line) is drawn first. Too often omitted, this line serves as a reminder that orthogonal lines need to meet at a vanishing point - on that line - in both one and two-point perspective. (From a previous blog post.)

Notwithstanding, my persistency is rewarded. Once these guide lines are faithfully rendered, all eyes zoom in. What endears each student to this grandiose spectacle? With highlights of color or contrast, the answer is clear. Their excitement is palpable. Sketching in Grand Central Terminal - and drawing perspective - is no longer intimidating. 



Kayla S.




Kayla D.

August 29, 2016

self-portraits | SIS II '16

Acrylic on canvas

Graphite & color pencil on paper

Color pencil on paper

August 19, 2016

portraiture | SIS II '16

For her final project Mariya drew the eyes of her nephew. She learned to touch the paper with the side of her pencil as gently as she would touch his face.

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