December 17, 2014

perspective sketching | drawing f'14

'Tis the season to sketch crowds. In what better place than Grand Central Terminal? While commuters make their escape to points north of the city, we float above the frenzy, ever in awe of this superlative space. 




Yun Jung

December 04, 2014

portraiture | life drawing f'14

"Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter."

- Oscar Wilde

Portraits by Agnes, from her sketchbook, and in class

Agnes's first figure drawing

November 28, 2014

working in class | drawing f'14

Ideas can start out on tracing paper. They often take shape with pencil and marker, and yet can also be initiated so beautifully with charcoal. 



November 18, 2014

sketching at the museum | drawing f'14

What a delight. Soon after I visited the Rubin Museum of Art for the first time, Fernando showed me his sketches. There was the the statue that I photographed. How could anyone miss it? Virupaksha, the Guardian King of the West (China, 17th-18th century, Qing dynasty. Clay, polychrome, and stone with wooden base and interior armature). 

November 10, 2014

an expressive line | drawing f'14

Your own joy, spunk, flexibility, and confidence, can speak through your line.



November 02, 2014

eureka moments | drawing f'14

With a powerful sweep of her arm, Alexa conveys the model's muscular physique. Yet, mortal strength does not make a portrait. The lesson is to soften the pressure of the charcoal. Caress the face. It seems so simple, and then it happens - the eye recedes into the shadows - and we are drawn into the model's contemplative gaze. 



With little effort, Robin flexes her wrist to draw a contour. Yet, when it comes to shadows, she gouges out each hidden crevice with rock-hard determination. Frustration shows. Then, with few minutes left in the pose, she sees it for herself: The light - and the way it so clearly defines the other eye.  



October 27, 2014

values | drawing f'14

In a few words: Keep the shadows simple, and play up the contours. 


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