July 18, 2017

compare the two | SIS ll '17

Long poses allow time to focus. A great lesson is to realize that one can spend too much time on a drawing. 

Josselyn's second drawing, which went very quickly

Josselyn's first drawing

July 08, 2017

start of the semester quote

"It is often said that Leonardo (da Vinci) drew so well because he knew about things; it is truer to say that he knew about things because he drew so well." 

- Kenneth Clark, Art Historian 

Student work, SIS II '16

Student work, Drawing Sp'13

Student work, Life Drawing f'16

May 12, 2017

practice | drawing sp'17

When a line quickly navigates a stoic expression, or a curvaceous silhouette, the outcome can look effortless. But don't be fooled. It takes hours of chaotic endeavor. Plug away, and experiment with the charcoal. Press down, lighten up, rotate your wrist, and keep your eyes on the model. A medley of failed attempts confirms that you are off to a great start. The examples below are from the fourth or fifth life drawing session:


Julian's first drawing


Alex's first drawing

April 01, 2017

focus | drawing sp'17

A nagging question poses itself, at the start of class: "What should I draw?" Instead of an easy answer, I address methods to begin, guiding them through lines of perspective; how to render light and shadow; and the basics of composition. When it comes time to choose the objects to include, or what part of the room to draw, it is up to them to decide. 

Usually, iis the first thing they see. Whether I set up a still-life, or we draw at a bustling train terminal, there is something that grabs their eyeThis focal point not only draws us into the work, but it also has a calming influence. Learning to wield a pencil is hard enough. When there are too many objects to draw, or too many details to capture, eyes dart around, and sensory overload turns to panic. So instead of telling them what to draw, I simply ask, "What attracts your attention?"



February 17, 2017


An assignment is often meant to drive the creative process. Whether when drawing from life, letting your mind wander, playing with a splatter of paint, or working out an idea, there is no better place than in a sketchbook. This week's assignment had me scouring through forgotten photos from years past. 

January 24, 2017

start of the semester quote | drawing f'16

"Drawing is a kind of hypnotism: one looks in such a way at the model, that he comes and takes a seat on the paper."  -Pablo Picasso

January 17, 2017

keep sketching | life drawing & drawing f'16

The sketchbook is a place to play, to practice the lessons, and to experiment with materials. The ultimate goal is to enjoy the process. 

Kayla D.




Kayla S. 

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